Debbie’s Story

Rise Up is an incredible leadership training programme that has transformed so many young people’s lives, myself included. The close mentoring relationship was a real highlight for me as it meant that I always had someone to turn to whenever I needed. It provided me with someone that I could challenge with all of those life questions and just sit with when we didn’t know the answer (which was most of the time!). Having someone to encourage me in my prayer life and daily bible reading was also an invaluable experience that has kick started a habit that desperately needed starting! I cannot over-emphasise the benefits of having a mentor and the impact that it had on my life. During my year of Rise Up, my relationship with God transformed and, although not without its challenges, it could not have been better.

The three Rise Up Training Days throughout the year were also exceptional and allowed everyone on the programme to come together and share. The activities and sessions were extremely thought-provoking and always left me extremely challenged and ready to take my faith to another level. It was fantastic to be with so many people my age, all sharing one belief and growing together. The whole experience left me thirsty for more and led me to complete a second year, Rise Up Academy, which took everything to a whole new dimension again! Being able to get to know one another and share our thoughts, struggles and blessings over pizza was a great encouragement throughout the stresses of completing A levels, and a real life-ring.

Overall, I would recommend Rise Up to every young person that wants to be transformed and wants to see their faith ignite. I can’t thank Ray and the team enough for everything they have done for the programme and all the lives they have touched. The time and effort that they put in does not go unnoticed and makes the whole thing entirely worthwhile. So, in a sentence: Do Rise Up, and you won’t be left disappointed!