Jon’s Story

Rise up has helped me as a youth worker as it has provided me a structure and program that covers all key areas of development for a young Christian.

It also gives great peace of mind with how thorough it is when it comes to safe guarding. I’ve been a fan of mentoring for years but have never seem it done so well as when it’s within the Rise Up model.

I’ve had 10 young people complete the course since I’ve been in placement and they have all massively changed because of it. They display a desire to explore their faith and develop their relationship with God. They are keen to see change happen in their churches and for them to be the agents of that change. They have also shown huge steps in supporting and loving their peers both within a Christian and non Christian setting.

Over two years I’ve gone from wondering who might be suitable for Rise Up to wanting all my young people to have the option of a mentor as it can be so key to their development and is a truly unique relationship that they won’t find anywhere else.