Mock upEncounter is a discipleship work-book written specifically for those on Rise Up. It is designed to help teenagers grow in their faith and biblical understanding as well as discover how their faith can impact and transform their leadership potential.

This resource is designed to flow alongside the Rise Up year. We’ve split the book into three chapters, and each chapter has four sessions, which look at a range of topics, but cover the three key areas of Rise Up: Faith, Character and Leadership. We have also included a spiritual discipline in each chapter; these are designed to encourage you to develop your relationship with God further as an on-going response to what He is doing in your life.

Each session has been designed to take you 20-30 minutes. We’d encourage you to pray before starting each session and spend time reflecting as you answer the questions throughout.

At the end of each session there are some questions for you to reflect on. These will be really helpful for you to discuss with your mentor when you meet up.

When meeting with your mentor, you should bring this resource with you so that you can talk through anything you didn’t understand and can set aims and goals for the week ahead.